Quentin Harrison's next volume explores the catalog of pop’s premier provocateur: Madonna

In three years, author Quentin Harrison and I have been on a steady track to bring his Record Redux Series to life. And publishing this August, we'll be releasing the fourth volume on the creative, charismatic and controversial artist Madonna.

The big design question: Which version of Madonna do I create to capture the cover?

Every Record Redux cover I illustrate presents a challenge for me. Whereas my typical Alter Egos are truly out-of-my-head creations, these book covers HAVE to portray not only the spirit but the actual likeness of the artist.

With the Spice Girls, it was about delivering their unique Girl Power personas and super-heroine stage poses. Approaching Carly Simon, I wanted a delicate, painterly likeness as lovely and effortless as her music. And for Donna Summer, I wanted regal, sleek shimmer.

And then we come to the many chameleon looks of Madonna to choose from.

The more Quentin and I talked—and talked and talked—about Madonna's musical journey, we both recalled the significance of her Reinvention Tour performances. There was a distinctly different kind of strength and confident self possession that Madonna was projecting on that tour. A tour that was stripped down of artifice and theatrics but was no less potent, sensational and thrilling.

Hence this cover design, capturing “in action” Madonna's command of the stage, memorably performing "Nobody Knows Me" and "Vogue."

Now about the book.

Out of all the artists Quentin plans to feature in his book series, perhaps no other has managed to embed themselves so thoroughly into pop culture more so than Madonna. And while she is certainly one of the most famous women in pop music, much of what is written and discussed about her has focused more on her celebrity and shock value. Quentin's book plans to redirect the conversation around her music, spotlighting her role as a songwriter, colloborator and musical innovator.

A longtime Madonna fan, I thought I knew her catalog inside and out. But as with every book I've worked on with Quentin, I found myself pleasantly surprised to discover tracks I did not know existed. And that's really what so special and distinctive about this series—you're sure to be enlightened as your music knowledge expands and your appreciation of the artist deepens.

Ready in time to mark the pop icon's 60th birthday, RECORD REDUX: MADONNA will be available this August in soft cover format on and as an e-book on the storefront.

Harrison's first three books are available now, so start building your collection!