Travel with your ego

Express yourself anywhere you go.

I'm a big fan of the customized luggage website About a year ago I thought it would be kinda cool to put my art on luggage, so a quick search led me to their site and a very user-friendly interface. They offer two hard case sizes for personalization. It's easy to upload an image, scale it to fit the on-screen template and even preview the bag in different views and scenarios before placing your order.

The bag arrived within a week (free shipping a big plus). I was thrilled that the art reproduced beautifully and impressed by the overall quality, design, construction and durability of the bag itself. I've traveled with the bag several times and it's held up very well. An occasional scuff on the outer plastic cover has come easily using a Magic Eraser.

And needless to say, it's REALLY easy to spot your bag on the carousel.  ;-)

If you're interested in getting an Alter Ego bag, contact me at to discuss details and pricing.