Cover art revealed for "Record Redux: Carly Simon"

I'm excited to share the final cover illustration for the second book in the Record Redux series spotlighting iconic singer/songwriter Carly Simon. Written by music historian Quentin Harrison, this complete discography and critical review spanning five decades will be available from Amazon on April 10, 2017.

With Quentin's first book, "Record Redux: Spice Girls" (released in July 2016), he succeeded in attracting the interest of renowned British music journalist David Sinclair to write the book's foreword. Quentin has struck gold a second time, with David Mauro providing the Carly foreword. David wrote the liner notes for Simon's 2002 anthology album and also wrote for her last studio release, 2009's Never Been Gone.

Details around the launch of the book are in the initial planning stages, so I'll be sure to share those details once Quentin and I can nail down specifics.

As for book number three in the series? I'll work on capturing the magnificent likeness of the one and only Donna Summer, which will publish in December 2017.